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Podcast Influencer Marketing: How Digital Hype is Leading the Way

Podcasts have become a popular medium for marketing, with more and more businesses turning to podcast influencer marketing as a way to reach their target audience. 

Digital Hype is an advanced influencer marketing company that specialises in podcast influencer marketing. Let’s look at the importance of podcast influencer marketing, statistics on its effectiveness, and strategies for how Digital Hype approaches podcast influencer marketing campaigns.

Podcast Influencer Marketing Statistics

According to a study by Nielsen, podcast listeners are highly engaged, with 71% of them listening to an entire episode, and 60% of them taking action after hearing a podcast. Additionally, podcast listeners are more likely to have a higher income and be well-educated, making them an attractive target market for many businesses.

Another study by IAB and PwC found that podcast advertising revenue in the US is projected to reach $1 billion by 2021, demonstrating the growing importance and effectiveness of podcast advertising.

Podcast Influencer Marketing Strategies

Digital Hype approaches podcast influencer marketing campaigns in a strategic and targeted way. Our podcast influencer consultants first identify the target audience and then find the right podcasts to reach the targeted audience. We also work closely with podcast hosts and producers to ensure that the advertising message is integrated seamlessly into the content of the podcast.

Podcast Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Types of Podcast Influencer Campaigns

Digital Hype offers a variety of podcast influencer marketing campaigns to suit the needs of different businesses. These include:

Product Placement: This type of campaign involves placing the product or service in the content of the podcast, such as a character using it in a fictional story.

Ad Reads: Podcast hosts will read a pre-written ad for the product or service, usually at the beginning or end of the episode.

Custom Content: Digital Hype works with podcast hosts to create custom content, such as workout tips or challenges, that is integrated into the podcast.

Sponsored Episodes: A sponsored episode is an entire episode dedicated to a product or service, where the podcast host will discuss and review the product.

Digital Hype’s influencer marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. As experts in podcast influencer marketing we offer a variety of campaigns to suit the needs of different businesses. 

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